Describe your findings from your map.

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After you have watched the root cause analysis video (Links to an external site.), you will use the template below or a cause map of your own design to brainstorm the root causes of your chosen issue. Be sure that you ask “why” at least 3 times to really get to the root of the issue. You will use this root cause map to begin the research process for the root cause portion of the argumentative research paper.

You need to use this template to fill it out: (template is attached).


After you have filled in your root cause map, answer the following questions:

Describe your findings from your map.
What were the main root causes that you identified?
What are some insights that emerged that surprised you? Why did these insights surprise you?
What areas from your map will you need to do research on for your argumentative research paper?
Are there other areas that you will need to research that are not on your map? Explain.

Requirements: Normal

Here is the template that you need to do, please fill it out. And after you fill it out please do step 2 with the instructions provided

Do you have access to the template, and the video link above, you might need the video above for clarifications. Please do the template and step 2. Do not mix them.


Image preview for”describe your findings from your map.”

Describe your findings from your map.

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