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  • Written Essays You are responsible for completing your choice of two (2) marketing-related essays, each of the essay is about 500 words Listed below are the Names, Chapters they relate to, and Prompts (questions) for each of the four Written Essays from which you may choose. ü MKTG 01: Segmentation, Targeting, and PositioningPut yourself in the position of an entrepreneur who is developing a new self-propelled, robotic lawn mower, similar to the Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner, to introduce into the market. Develop the targeting strategy for marketing the new product. Be sure to discuss: 1. Characteristics of the segment(s) you might choose as the target market 2. Why the target market(s) is/are attractive. ü MKTG 06: Technology Successful organizations find ways to apply advances in technology in innovative ways. Consider the new capabilities that technology offers and how those capabilities are being used in the world of marketing. Write an essay explaining how marketers are using new technology to achieve their goals. Identify some important advances in technology. Explain what these technological advances do and why they are an improvement over what was previously available. Describe innovative and effective ways that marketers are using these advances to help their organizations. Provide examples to support your conclusions. ü MKTG 08: Sales Management Sales plays an important role in allowing a business to maintain long-term relationships with customers. Sales force structures can be critical in allowing companies to distribute their products to their customers effectively. Typical sales force structures include territorial, customer, or product structures. Each structure has pros and cons. In addition, a sales force should be routinely evaluated to determine how effective it is in reaching company sales goals. The choice of how to compensate a sales force, whether through incentives, bonuses, or even contests, may also impact how effective a sales force is. Imagine that you are the sales manager for a company that makes cabinet hardware, which it has traditionally sold to large contractors who build homes and offices. Your company has built a solid reputation and grown its business regionally, and it is now looking to sell its products to end consumers through national retailers such as Home Depot and Lowes. Your challenge is to create a sales force structure that will meet the expanding role of sales in your company. In an essay, explain how you would: 1. Structure the sales force. Explain why the structure you recommend is better than alternative approaches. 2. Compensate the sales force. Explain why the approach you recommend would provide the right incentives for the sales force. 
    ü MKTG 13: Market Research Imagine that you are a member of management at a successful high-end adult clothing and accessories retailer that is considering launching an exclusive line of high-end children’s clothing. This is a new venture for your company, which has until now been focused completely on the adult market. Before committing resources to fully developing a marketing plan for the proposed children’s clothing line, you have called for research that will help you better understand customers’ wants and needs as well as the competitive environment. In an essay: 1. Describe the issues that the market research should explore. What would you want to know? 2. Explain why this information would be needed to help develop a marketing plan for the proposed line of high-end children’s clothing. How would this information be used to make better decisions?
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Firstly, competitor products and pricing ought to be of primary concern. Essentially, the market research should aim to understand what the consumers are doing and how they reach out to their market. The fashion industry often experiences periodic changes, in which case the consumers shift their…
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