Midterm Report Card

Midterm Report Card

Compare your understanding of professional communications at midterm with your understanding of the topic before you started the course. Share something from the last five weeks that stood out to you – or surprised you. Will this realization change the way you communicate?
Communication is a skill that develops over time. Where do you envision your professional communication skills at the end of this course? What goal will you set out to achieve by Week 11?
Looking at the next several weeks, what aspect of the class are you most looking forward to learning?



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Professional communication refers to the different methods in which people interact in the professional world. The interaction involves speaking, writing, listening and the giving of responses (Schnurr, 2012). When I was starting the course in communication skills, I realized that all I knew communication skills was that it was an interaction between people. To me, communication was similar regardless of who one was communicating with, whether it is casual or professional. The first thing I learnt is that there are four main types of communication skills. These are verbal/oral communication which involves spoken words and nonverbal communication which considers sign language and body gestures.

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