Milestone Four: Financial Analyses and Funding

Milestone Four: Financial Analyses and Funding

please read the intro before you begin to write.

you should write follow the rubric carefully.

the format is APA.

I will upload the previous milestones as a reference.

Milestone Four is about finance. you need to do financial analysis and write financial statement, such as cash flow, income statement. please be careful when you calculate the data.

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Pitsher Autos as seen from the earlier milestones has identified and designed an automotive cleaning method whereby car owners can clean the inside phase of their windscreens, a market gap that has not yet been ventured into. Currently, the main methods known to clean car windshields are by glass heating and air conditioning, inadequate methods of cleaning off fog that to some extent, causes fatal road accidents due to the insufficiencies caused by the limited view of the road and any barriers.

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