mini report about cell phone detector

mini report about cell phone detector

This handy mobile bug or cell phone detector, pocket-size mobile transmission detector or sniffer can sense the presence of an activated mobile cellphone from a distance of one and-a-half meters.

ABSTRACT (50 Words)

MAIN BODY: Includes

Background Information (100)
objectives(30 built points )
Block diagram and explanation(Relevant theory) 200 words
Circuit description and operation (350 to 450)
Critical evaluation and reflection on results(120)
Sustainability aspects related to the project (150 words

REFERENCES (CU Harward style)
you would find the circuit on the word document

1500 words





Solution Preview

The cell phone detector is a mobile transmission detector that has been put into use for various functions. This mini report describes what a cell phone detector is, the multiple fields where it is used and how it is used. The report also explains how the detector works as well as the frequency under which the detector can work the best. In the report, there is the block diagram and the explanation of the detector and description of how the circuit operates. In conclusion, the mini report gives various recommendations on how to improve the cell phone detector to make it work more effectively.
Most people are familiar with active detectors of cell phones. These are hand and detectors of mobile transmission that can fit in pockets.

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