mining for minerals (chicago, IL)

mining for minerals (chicago, IL)

Mining for minerals and rocks is a very common, often lucrative, business across the world. Find out what minerals and/or rocks are mined in your area and why. I AM IN CHICAGO, IL (If you choose a common element, like aluminum or lithium, be sure to identify what minerals or rocks these are found in to be mined.) Be sure to include the characteristics of the rocks or minerals, method of mining operation, what the minerals are used for, and the economics associated with their collection.

Your paper should meet the following requirements:

3-4 pages in length (does not include title and reference page)
1-2 outside sources
Formatted according to the apa




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Gold is one very soft metal, when put on a hardness scale of 10 it measures around 2.3. What this means is gold is extremely malleable thus it can be twisted, pounded, rolled into different kinds of shapes without it having to break apart. When it is pounded so thin it can allow a bit of light to go through. It is also a good conductor, it does not corrode easily and it is elastic and this is why it is used in the electronics industry. Also, this mineral can reflect infrared rays from the sun hence that is why it is used by astronauts on their helmets so as to prevent infrared red rays from reaching an astronaut’s face (Uosaki, 1991).

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