In Module 6 the assignment is posted for the documented essay

In Module 6 the assignment is posted for the documented essay

Other than possibly a few who might have submitted a first draft of the documented essay last week, most students will be submitting the first draft for a preliminary grade at some point in Module 8. Please understand that those who are able to submit first will receive their corrections and comments first and, therefore, be able to submit their final draft in Module 9 and perhaps receive their grade for the course early. Regardless, try to submit this first draft no later than Sunday since the time for grading might mean you would not get those corrections until some time early in Module 9, depending on the number of papers arriving at the last possible moment.

Before submitting you might use this checklist:

MLA format top to bottom:

Double space only

12 TNR Font only

paragraphs indented

every page numbered

one inch margins all the way around, or on all four sides

an attached Works Cited page

minimum three sources, but more acceptable

every source listed on the works cited (minimum 3) are quoted a minimum of one time each in the paper

use of parenthetical references with the period outside the reference only like this ( ).

content of the parenthetical references and the reference page consistent with MLA format

works cited in alphabetical order, double space, with the first line of every reference ON the left margin but other lines indented once

The topic of the documented essay is the novel Pedro Paramo by the Mexican writer Juan Rulfo. A second topic that is offered is The Characterization of the Grandmother in Flannery O’Connor’s “A Good Man Is Hard to Find”.

Note that Juan Rulfo’s novel is a classic novel in the genre of Magical Realism, but the focus of your paper must be Juan Rulfo’s novel, when it happened, ,what it is about, its influence, etc. The paper MUST have at least three sources that you quote at LEAST one time each . . .that is all. It does not have to be long, even five or six paragraphs will work but it does have to be MLA with a works cited. ANY QUESTIONS please let me know—many if not most sources on Magical Realism mention Juan Rulfo and the influence of Pedro Paramo, but please follow the minimum guidelines for this paper.

Here is the Doc essay for everyone

In Module 6 the assignment is posted for the documented essay—and right below it in Module 6 is also posted an alternative topic, but the main assignment is here copied and pasted for you:

Module 6: Beginning the Documented Essay: Topic and Expectations
Documented Essay Assignment and Topic

We are ready to begin working on our research essay although it is not due for another week or more. We will all use the same topic, a simple one that is focused on explaining Juan Rulfo’s Pedro Paramo, when it was written, what it is about, its influence on Latin American Literature. I suggest that you start with simple research about Pedro Paramo.

As you prepare this essay please beware that you must include and quote three to five outside sources, use the MLA format, and in the process of the paper explain Pedro Paramo, its origins, intentions, and influences. If you have any questions, please email me immediately.

We are doing the same topic for a variety of reasons, the first being, I do not want something purchased from a cheating site like Course Hero. When our software reveals that you have done that, you are no longer a member of this class. You will receive an unconditional and final F in the class, no discussion, no appeal.

I made the topic very simple, so if you have never written a documented essay, you will still have no trouble. You can use as few as three sources, as I say above, and we have been working the whole term on the format, except we now will deploy several quotations and certainly a works cited page.

We are starting in Module 6 so that you may begin to gather some sources to quote, begin an Annotated Bibliography, and get started–with plenty of time to ask all the questions you want to ask.

Why don’t you start with a search of Juan Rulfo and the title of his famous short novel, Pedro Paramo.

I will give you an alternative topic, directly related to the paper we did for characterization, but this one requiring three to five sources and a works cited. Please read about that option below if you are interested. I will warn you in advance that the paper will be somewhat more challenging in that your research will be a great deal more focused. You make your own choice.


Image preview for in Module 6 the assignment is posted for the documented essay

In Module 6 the assignment is posted for the documented essay


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