Motivation of Personnel and Practical Reflection

Motivation of Personnel and Practical Reflection

“Motivation of Personnel and Practical Reflection”  Please respond to the following:

  • In this week’s discussion, answer the following questions… What is motivation? What factors must be considered in maximizing productivity? What are the various theories of motivation?
  • Over the past two weeks, you have shared where you want to work and why. This week, take a look at job prospects and outlook. For this week’s discussion research, go to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ website, and search for the specific job you are looking to acquire after graduation and discuss salary information, growth potential, and job outlook. Discuss how this compared with your expectations.

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Motivation is the reason why an individual behaves in a particular manner. Therefore, there is always a reason why individuals act in particulars in different situations. For this reason, organizations need to understand what motivates their…

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