Movie Review essay

Movie Review essay

Dear writer please find Miss Representation documentary ( By: Jennifer Siebel Newsom )

write 4 pages ( 3/4 of the papers Summary – 1/4 of the paper Reaction )

 need to re-telling the movie in your own word 3/4 pages of 4

and 1/4 is your reaction

please focus on the statistic that mentioned in the film and make sure to include it in the summary part



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Miss representation documentary film was written by Jennifer. The film seeks to portrayal feminism influence and power denial in America. It focuses on how mainstream media enhances women’s underrepresentation. The women underrepresentation focuses mainly on most influential positions through disparaging and limited power circulation. The miss representation film premiered in Sundance Festival which took place in 2011.

Miss representation film intervenes teenage girls stories incorporated in provocative interviews to express the inner look of media and its circulating message. According to miss representation film, it is difficult for individuals to be what they cannot observe or else see.

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