Multiculturalism and Barriers to Communication

Multiculturalism and Barriers to Communication

For this assignment, you will be putting together the knowledge that you gained through the first 3 phases and incorporating multiculturalism and ethical communications topics. In an APA-style paper of 7–9 pages, revise your work from Phases 1–3, and then provide a detailed response for the new Phase 4 questions. Your draft should include the following:

  • Your experience using SOLER (Phase 1)
  • Your experience using the “You feel…because…” formula (Phase 2)
  • The strengths and weaknesses of communication that allow for change focused-conversations (Phase 3)

Phase 4 Content

  • What is multiculturalism, and why is it important to understand cultural issues for effective, efficient, and ethical communications in a workplace setting?
  • What are some potential barriers to communication, and how can they be addressed by managers and leaders in a workplace setting?

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Multiculturalism entails the preservation of several cultural identities within a united environment such as the workplace setting. The idea of Multiculturalism involves the ability to understand and respond to different challenges posed by cultural…

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