Need help for personal essay

Need help for personal essay

A 3-4 page, double-spaced typewritten document that describes your personal, academic and professional reasons for pursuing a Master’s in Asia Pacific Studies, and for choosing this program at USF. The statement should relate your relevant background and experiences to your educational and professional goals.

My educational background, parents and where I came from have an extremely strong impact on my development and interests, and consequently influenced my decision to pursue the Dual Degree of Asia Pacific Studies and MBA program in University of San Francisco. Vietnam is a beautiful and developing country in East Asia, and I am very proud to be born and grown up there. Although Vietnam is socialist and does not give as much freedoms such as other democratic countries, this country gives everyone the opportunities to learn and to be what they want. When I was a kid, my parents always sent me to a Chinese school to learn Chinese culture, language and philosophy, and they taught me that Chinese culture and philosophy have influenced over the world and Vietnam is one of the countries that being influenced the most.When I was turned into fourteen, my family immigrated to USA and my life was completely changed. I graduated college in winter 2017 as Political Sciences and double major in Chinese language. After I graduated, I kept asking myself should I continue school to get master degree or should I just start working. I had been searching for graduate programs for a while, and the Dual Degree of Asia Pacific Studies and MBA programs in University of San Francisco is the huge inspiration to me to continue education. The reasons I want to pursue the dual degree because it develops valuable cultural competency of the Asia Pacific region and also emphasizes and analyst on economy, politic and business of Asian regions.

When I was turned into fourteen, my family immigrated to USA and my life was completely changed. My parent were used to be businesspeople in Vietnam, so they were doing business with the foreigners especially with Taiwanese and Chinese people. My parents realized that understanding other people’s cultural and language would be the best ways to make them feel comfortable and trust at them. Therefore, my parents encouraged me and all my siblings to attend the foreign school to be more educated and more successful. American is a diversity country, and in this country, I have meet a lot of friends who come from the other countries with different backgrounds. I have learned Chinese history, philosophy and politics from my teachers and friends. I have learned Chinese language since I was little till now, so when I attended college, I decided to do Political Science as first degree and Chinese language as my second degree even though it was a big challenge to get two degrees. After I graduated in 2017, my first full time job is a real estate realtor’s assistant, and I really enjoy my job because I can use what I learned in college to apply to my current job. In college, I learned how to overcome big problems and how to communicate with other people. Political science requires a lot of reading and the students have to be updated with what happen around the world and how to deal with all the problems. I read a lot when I was in college, therefore, reading news become my habit. I love to read news in the different languages, so I can understand deeply what people really think about the society and different ways to solve the problem. When I grew up, I realized why my parents always want me to study different language because language class is not only teach language but also teaches what should or shouldn’t do, be strong and positive to face challenge and how to communicate with people. I have been working one year in real estate field and decided to continue school because the world is changing so fast and I want to gain knowledge and school will keep me updated and be more knowledged with what have changed around the world and what to do to deal with such changing.

The Dual Degree of Asia Pacific Studies and MBA programs in University of San Francisco is the perfect dual degree that can give more opportunities for people who have background that are similar to me to understand deeply about the valuable cultural competency, economy and business of the Asia Pacific region. For people who come from non-Asian countries but interested in Asia Pacific region, this dual degree offers a wide range of courses in anything that relates to Asian Pacific region and also relates to the contemporary world. Many people would think what I am doing in real estate field is not really related to my major, and I can proudly say that everything I learned in college that help me to be successful in my job. Political science affects the school that everyone attend, the job they do, the society we live in and the taxes they pay. Political science major is the great way to get started to learn the changes of the world and daily life. I have been searching many graduate programs, and the University of San Francisco is only school that provide the dual degree of Asia Pacific Studies and MBA programs that also emphasize politics and society in Bay Area. This school provides small class size and night time class which are good for students who have full time job, and for a small size class, the professors will be more attentioned to the students’ needs. I have hesitated that should I choose this program while I am still working because of tuition, time and transportation, and finally I decided to give myself a chance to explore and study the diversity and innovative spirit of San Francisco.

Many people would think real estate realtor is just about selling and buying house, and in reality, realtor is a businessperson and will try to sell themselves in order to exchange client’s trust to do business with them. I have been working one year in the real estate field and I have seen many clients put their trust in my manager because they believed in the way my manager does business and deals with them. My manager has told me that everything people do for a living is all relate to how they sell themselves in workplace to make their employers, co workers and clients trust them, and he said if I can learn communication and sale skills from the real estate field, I would be successful in any fields. Most of my clients are come from Asian background, and I realized that if I want someone put trust in me, I have to understand their needs and really what is important for them. Political Science major trains me to pay more attention on what are the causes of changing the market, policies, economy and society and how it affects people’s lives and business. Chinese major in college requires not only focus on language but also emphasizes on Chinese culture and society, history and distinguish between Chinese and Southeast Asia. Therefore, after I graduated from college, I really want to find the program that is related to my background, my job and what I have learned in college as an undergrad student. I am so glad that I found the dual degree of Asia Pacific Studies and MBA programs, and USF school of management graduate programs that provides different fields related to business such as MBA, entrepreneurship, financial analysis and so on. As a full time employee, I have too much stress, I believed the small class size and the care of professors in USF, learning is as a humanizing, social process rather than a competitive exercise.




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The number of aspects which have had a substantial impact on my development, interests as well as influence my decision to pursue the Dual Degree of Asia Pacific Studies and MBA programs in the University of San Francisco will be my parents, my educational background and where I am from. Vietnam is a beautiful developing country located in East Asia, and I am very proud to be a Vietnamese. Even though Vietnam is a socialist, it has managed to provide opportunities where one can learn and be what they want to be. When I was a child, my parents sent me to a Chinese school to learn about Chinese culture, language and philosophy.

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