Need this discussion

Need this discussion

Activity to Extend Learning and Discussion Post

Click on the link below for this activity. Read everything on this exercise in its entirety. Click on the links at the bottom of each page to move on in the exercise. You can use the form in the lesson to document your responses – Record Sheet for Understanding Consequences Game

After you have completed the exercise, post a summary of what you learned (from all lesson readings and this activity) in the discussion board. Are you getting a good understanding of the difference between positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement? (both are reinforcement so there is an increase in a behavior / response in both).

List some key things you have learned so far that have made sense to you. What is still confusing or do you need more clarification about? Do you see these principles in your daily lives?

Reflect on your thoughts regarding this quote and how it applies to this lesson: “Catch people in the act of doing something right” Kenneth Blanchard

-Be sure to post a summary of the game and reflect on the above quote in your discussion post this week.




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            Discussion on Reinforcement

            The exercise allowed me to gain in-depth details regarding the role of reinforcement on people’s decisions. While playing the games, I learned that positive reinforcement adds new behaviors to an individual’s conduct (Beaumont, Cobban, Train & Wellman, 2007). During game 1, which entailed positive reinforcement, I was eager to select the images as I expected positive outcomes. As such, I was not afraid to choose any image due to the view that there would no negative outcomes irrespective of my choice. These experiences allowed to learn that positive reinforcement allows people to try new behaviors that become part of their habits after some time due to the affirmative results associated with them.

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