Neo-Classical Art and Romanticism

Neo-Classical Art and Romanticism

The Age of Enlightenment was followed by the Romantic period, an expanse of time that saw the French Revolution, the American Revolution, the rise and fall of Napoleon, major scientific advances, major loss of human life, devout faith in the doctrine of human reason, and the loss of faith in human reason and a return to the sublime right of nature and spirituality. In short, a span of time defined by massive change and inconsistency. In this case assignment, compare the Neo-Classicist painter Jacque-Louis David’s Oath of Horatti and Romanticist painter Eugène Delacroix Liberty Leading the People, in order to examine how these artists represented these tumultuous years. Again, use the formal language of visual analysis to explore their artistic approaches. Briefly reference the two previous art styles we have studied (Renaissance and Baroque) in order to trace how these two new art styles (Neo-Classicism and Romanticism) differ or carry on the earlier traditions. Use the required course materials to help you discuss, briefly,

(1) the history of Neo-Classical and Romanticist art and these two artists in particular,

(2) the different approaches and beliefs in human reason and rationality, and

(3) how David and Delacroix chose to convey revolution.


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Jacque Lois was the founder of neoclassical music style. This artist was highly considered as a preeminent French painter during the 19th century era. The Jacque Lois cerebral neoclassical brand marked his painting history…

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