Summary of the Evidence Tool 8-19

The client’s EBP questions: How does hospital-acquired pneumonia in non-intubated patients can be prevent? What is the proper management to prevent hospital-acquired pneumonia ? 

 EXAMPLES OF PROBLEMS OR QUESTIONS: Include a reference list here of articles reviewed for this EBP question (5 points). Upload all 3 articles when submitting assignment (10 points). Directions for Use of the Individual Evidence Summary Tool Purpose This form is used to document the results of evidence appraisal in preparation for evidence synthesis. The form provides the EBP team with documentation of the sources of evidence used, the year the evidence was published or otherwise communicated, the information gathered from each evidence source that helps you answer the EBP question, and the level and quality of each source of evidence. Article Number Assign a number to each reviewed source of evidence. This organizes the individual evidence summary and provides an easy way to reference articles. Author and Date Indicate the last name of the first author or the evidence source and the publication/communication date. List both author/evidence source and date. Evidence Type Indicate the type of evidence reviewed (for example: RCT, meta-analysis, mixed methods, quaLitative, systematic review, case study, narrative literature review). Sample, Sample Size, and Setting Provide a quick view of the population, number of participants, and study location. Findings That Help Answer the EBP Question Although the reviewer may find many points of interest, list only findings that directly apply to the EBP quest 

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