Observation project

Observation project

For this assignment, you will complete an observation of a child between the ages of 1 and 8. You will write a paper which carefully describes the behavior and discusses that behavior in terms of child developmental psychology. You should be an unbiased observer, meaning that you should not interact with the child yourself. Take note of everything the child says and does, everything that is said or done to the child, and the gesture and facial expression he or she makes. Also, do NOT specifically identify the child by name or description of looks, ONLY by gender and age.

Prior to the observation, determine at least seven possible behaviors for the age group of the child according to the concepts of the chapter or a theory. Note if the child did or did not assume the characteristics expected of the child’s age group. Don’t be judgmental or condemnatory – just record your observations. Your observation should last about 20 – 30 minutes.

Writing Your Child Observation Paper

Write a one paragraph introduction. Include in the introduction a description of the circumstances of the observation such as location, etc. and basic information about the child… age and gender.

Select at least three physical attributes and behaviors the child exhibited. Connect it to a concept or theory from the chapters to answer these questions. Was the child’s physical activity/behavior appropriate, in relation to the child’s age? What milestones has this child already reached, and what milestones do they have yet to reach?

In a concluding paragraph, summarize your conclusions. Include any factors that may have impacted on the behavior of the child. Include your original rough observation notes at the end of your paper.




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Child Observation


Throughout the observation, there is a certain child that intrigued me. A male child that was five years old I saw him at a visit to my grandmother’s place. The child was playing with other children of different ages, interacting with grownups and also socializing with the teenagers. The child was of average height heard an average weight.

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