Online Discussion

Online Discussion

By Tuesday, March 27th, at midnight, post to a thread in your discussion group. By Thursday, lecture class at 2pm, March 29th, post at least one response to a classmate.


1. Look up the definition of the word freedom. Write or cut and paste the definition and its citation. The citation should be in the note form from the Chicago Style we use in history.

It does not matter where your reference comes from. A website or book. Below is the format for either of these, and also the Chicago Manual of Style site which is a handy dandy reference. You will need this for your essay due April 8th.

2. From the Foner text, The Principles of Freedom are outlined at the end of chapter 7. Compare these definitions to the reference definition from #1 AND what you believe Frederick Douglass defined as freedom. For this part of the exercise, you will need to cite the pages from the text book, the website (or book), and the Frederick Douglass Narrative.

Citation clues

Author, Title (publication place: publisher, date), page number or numbers.

(Note e-book is different.)

“freedom,” website name, engine, last modified date, website address…

And as always, by Thursday lecture class, you must comment upon at one of your classmate’s definitions or opinions. Warning, comment is not just one sentence. I agree or disagree with you. Write a meaningful response.

I’m available by email for questions:

See you Thursday for lecture, New Nation, Chapter Seven in your text, and an in-class-activity.

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