Online Selling Strategy Assignment

Online Selling Strategy Assignment

Online Selling Strategy Assignment:

Students must submit a paper that presents an evaluation and supporting data (including method of analysis). The student is required to research and evaluate several ecommerce websites (one or two) that are B2C or C2C sites. These stores can be located at any online stores, hosted by e-commerce service providers, online auction sites, etc. Pick the 3 most promising products sold at these stores (Show supporting information). Discuss why they are promising/successful; how they are marketed and sold to the consumers; discuss each of the products & how the websites use internet technologies to sell these products. The report must be about 4-6 pages long with size 10 or 12 font, single spaced lines with appropriate section headings and margins of 1 inch all around. Source material should be photocopied and attached to your paper as Appendices. You also need to cite your source within the report and list sources in the Reference section.

-Required Resource(s)

Electronic Commerce, Ninth Edition. Gary P. Schneider, Course Technology.

Additional Materials:

Because of the dynamic nature of the marketplace and the availability of suitable online material, the student can obtain additional course materials through a combination of readings ( and class materials. Most, if not all, of the available readings will be available on the Web.

– Reference Resource(s)

Efraim Turban, David King and Judy Lang. (2011). 3rd Edition. Introduction to Electronic Commerce, Prentice Hall. ISBN-10: 0136109233

Efraim Turban and David King. (2012). 7th Edition. Electronic Commerce 2012: Managerial and Social Networks Perspectives, Prentice Hall. ISBN-10: 0132145383

Jeffrey Rayport and Bernard Jaworski. (2003). 2nd Edition. Introduction to e-Commerce, Mcgraw-Hill/Irwin Series in Marketing. ISBN-10: 0072553472

Kenneth C. Laudon, New York University and Carol Traver. (2015). 11th Edition. E-Commerce

Prentice Hall. ISBN-10: 0133507165

Ecommerce Digest,

– please use simple words and grammar.







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E-commerce or electronic commerce is a term for any business or commercial transaction that includes the transmission of data through the Internet. It covers an assortment of various sorts of businesses, from customer based retail locales, through music or auction site, to business trades exchanging products and services amid companies. It is at present a standout amongst the most significant facets of the Internet to develop. Electronic commerce enables purchasers to electronically trade commodities and services without any hindrances of distance and time (Gary, 2011). Electronic commerce has various e-commerce websites, but this paper will analyze two companies (Amazon and eBay) based on Business-to-Consumer (B2C); which is electronic transactions of products and services amid corporations and customers, it will execute this by evaluating three successful products sold there.

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