We have discussed different type of policies and among them I believe testing the disaster plan


In this course, so far, we have discussed different type of policies and among them I believe testing the disaster plan at least once or twice in a month is important. Most of them who were in an organization have heard that simple mistakes could lead to costly business disasters. Most of the time the damage is too great to overcome and the company that suffered the IT disaster cannot recover So having an IT disaster recovery plan is one of the critical business needs..In Present days, while present day IT hardware is proof against failures, maximum devices fall a long way short of a perfect track record. No one is resistant to hard disk or internet connection screw ups. While it is expensive to be steeply-priced on your agency to eliminate any unmarried factor of failure in your IT infrastructure, having a disaster recovery plan that does that is the simplest manner to insure that a hardware failure doesn’t interrupt your carrier or motive facts loss. The less high-priced and greater practical option could be to have your data subsidized up regularly. Ideally, and greater cost-powerful than constructing your very own top-of-the-line information middle, might be to outsource your IT infrastructure to a leading Disaster Recovery as a Service controlled facts middle operator. This gets rid of any capital expenses even as making sure the strictest safety from service interruptions due to IT infrastructure failures.

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Power in the organization can be a powerful thing as the benefits are fantastic and highly desired. Having authority is a potent tool when it comes to the running of organizational affairs. More companies give the employees more power to run in the best ways possible for better and efficient running. Most of the companies now days provide the employees with more power and empowerment, which makes them feel better and encourages, therefore, making it better to run smoothly. The benefits of the outcomes are better and improved. This is beneficial to both the companies and the employees in the same outcast of the job .Power is desired in the companies to function well on a day to day basis. The power influences all the decisions made, the behavior of the whole company staff, and the attitudes which affect the outcome of the companies needed. It allows the breakthrough in the discovery of the phase of events that run the company and the importance in the distribution of the required contributions that are needed to change the leadership necessary in power and the resistance that comes in the course of the events. Electricity is an effective strategy to make the company running smoothly and effectively.The power in the organization is generally effective in making better returns in the market for better deals and other options. The legitimate power that s conceived in the making of the arrangements and better management is crucial. The genuine power that is made during the running and management of the people to make the best deals. The power comes from the legal authority manifested in the company’s management. The administration is better as it makes all the desired and demanded communications for the construction of better ideas for the companies for better viewing and the running of the enterprises

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A phone service plays a crucial role during a disaster. It improves communication for those involved in a disaster, aid and allied voluntary services in remote areas, which are often the most affected by disasters stemming from natural hazards. Text messages available via a phone service also render themselves useful because they are cheaper than voice calls and language problems can be easily overcome because the text message can be sent in a language understood by the recipient or the message can be interpreted to the recipient.In an organization setting, the use of a phone service during a disaster helps in notifying employees about the onset of a disaster regardless of whether they are within the organization or their homes. The phone service is the most reliable communication tool that ensures that the information gets to the intended person in real time (Wallace & Webber, 2018). The phone service can also be used to update stakeholders about the progress of the disaster and disaster response efforts. This includes informing them about any role they need to play to contribute to effectiveness in response and recovery.

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Microsoft Corporation Form 10-K Report Item 9A: From the section of the controls and procedures, it is clear that the company adheres to the rule of the accounting principle required by the United States of America. The report on management on the internal control over the financial reporting shows that the company maintains the accurate records of the transactions making the company ready for producing the financial statements . Moreover, from the report given by the committee sponsoring the organizations, they found that the company’s internal control ended on 30 June 2019, that there were no changes that could affect the internal control of the company. Moreover, the assets and expenditures of the company are made with the provision over the authority from the management. This expenditure will, in turn, enable the company to dispose of those assets that could bring an effect to the financial statements since they are detected daily.The company allows financial opinions from various stakeholders. These opinions are based on the financial audit about the type of effectiveness of internal control. These will enable the company to determine whether the report will affect all the material assets found in the company. Based on this section, I found that the company can assess the risk and the weaknesses existing in the company . However, the limitation that exists in the company’s internal control of the financial statement will pose the risks in future periods since there will be inadequacy due to the changes that may occur. From the company’s report on internal control of finances, I can deduce that the company can analyze the financial statements and determines the risks that may occur in future periods of the financial year. Moreover, the company’s financial analysis is kept in record hence enabling them to assemble any asset required in the company, thus making them have constant progress.

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We have discussed different type of policies and among them I believe testing the disaster plan


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