How to Motivate Clients to Change

How to Motivate Clients to Change

HUS 1431
LESSON 11 – How to motivate clients to change

Be sure to follow all directions and complete all activities in order to receive credit for this Lesson.
* Complete the Discussion Board assignment
There many different schools of thought on how we motivate someone to change thier unhealthy behaviors. The field of substance abuse is no exception. We are not born great communicators. How well we communicate with others will be a factor in our success in relationships, as well as career. How we communicate with clients will also be a factor in the success of any treatment and or prevention program. There are many theories as to what is the best model / theory we should use to accomplish this.
To prepare for this lesson:
1) View the Powerpoint on Motivational interviewing.
2) Watch the video on the Stages of Change model.
3) Watch the video on Cognitive behavioral Theory.

Motivational Interviewing (MI) PPT (will email to you)
Stages of Change
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Lesson 11 Discussion Question
How to Motivate Clients to Change
Counseling theories provide organization and uniformity of approach. There are many counseling theories that are in use in the substance abuse field.
1) After reviewing all audio visual material how do you think these counseling theories can be applied to Substance abuse prevention programs?
Please research a theory of your own choosing and answer the following question.
2) How can your other theory of choice be applied to prevention programs?
Post your response to the above in the Discussion Board (250 words minimum)


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How to Motivate Clients to Change


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