Organizational Negotiations

Organizational Negotiations

Identify a negotiation situation that took place in one team member’s organization (It can either be internal to the organization or it can be between organizations.

Develop two or three additional factors (power, influence, coalitions) that could have been used to improve negotiation performance, and explain why these factors may or may not be more beneficial (300-500 words)

Negotiation Situation: Because of the team i work on, we do automation scripting and business process improvement along with administrating software for our business unit. Another business unit wanted to use my team to assist them with their projects and processes. We wanted to accommodate them, however, we weren’t going to do it for free because they operate off of a different budget. at the end of the 2 month long negotiation between the directors, they gave up 1 headcount to us and $60k a year and in return we offer our services.




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Negotiation can be described as a communication process where numerous parties present and discuss problems with an attempt of solving them through dialogue, in turn, to come up with a resolution (Jessica, 2013). Therefore, negotiations can occur on both micro and macro scales, in the offices or even in everyday life.

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