Paper on Searching the Network

Paper on Searching the Network

Since information extracted from router or switch interfaces to not provide specific evidence of a particular crime in most cases, what use is the information collected from these devices.? Write and post your answer.


Please post the response in 300-350 words and the notes I have for your reference is

Primary topics:

Proactive collection of evidence
Post-incident collection
Router and switch forensics
Initial response
System auditing
Network capture
Video: Wireshark tutorial Click HERE to watch



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Searching the Network
Routers and other networking devices cannot be used to offer full or comprehensive evidence on certain crimes. Nevertheless, they are essential sources of clues and hints that eventually lead to substantial evidence. They may not be in a position to identify the perpetrator of the crime, but they may tell when a crime occurred, the type of devices used, and other relevant information.

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