Pending Academic Dismissal

Pending Academic Dismissal

I been placed on temporary suspension pending academic dismissal based on your having not met the minimum required GPA during the academic probation period provided.

To appeal, you must submit a written petition to the Student Appeal’s Office. My appeal should contain a straightforward narrative of the facts as to why you were previously not able to maintain a higher academic standard in your courses. If your appeal is based on circumstances outside of your control, we may ask you for outside documentation of these circumstances, but you do not need to include this with your initial appeal.


-Had Death in Family.

-I had trouble of submitting work due to computer problems.

-My Personal Computer crashed and my work schedule are the same as my surrounding local libraries.

Also Include:

-Ask for forgiveness.

-Will Re-Take the two courses I failed

Letter Format

business letter format

needs to be a full page


Solution Preview

Student’s Name
Street address,
City, State, Zip,

February 19, 2019

Student’s Appeal Office,
School name,
City, State, Zip

Dear Sir/Madam

I am grateful for the opportunity to present my case on the reason for my underwhelming academic performance in the school year. Although the school policy is clear on student dismissal following dismal performance, the chance to explain and appeal the dismissal presents an opportunity for fair chances among all students, since there are cases in which the academic performance is influenced by factors beyond a student’s control. In my case, personal issues and difficulties with the ability to effectively use technology products necessary for academic tasks significantly derailed my grades, 

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