Penetration report

Penetration report

Directions: For this assignment, conduct some research on penetration testing report and contracts. Look for reports that include findings, analysis, and recommendations that can be deployed to mitigate issues. Review the sample penetration testing reports below:

Writing a Penetration Testing Report (SANS Institute)
Penetration Test Report (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. (Offensive Security Services)
Penetration Testing Agreement
Once you have completed your research, develop your own penetration test report and sample contract for a fictitious company. Your submission should be three to five pages in length and should include:

Penetration Testing Contract – Develop a penetration testing contract that includes the following information that is required to conduct the penetration test:
Permission signatures
Penetration Test Report – Develop a report that includes the:
Recommendations that can be deployed to mitigate the issues





Solution Preview

Penetration Testing Contract
This document serves as an acknowledgement of an engagement between the data custodian (Khaleed & Khaleed) and business owner (Mediaworks Security Services) collectively on some of the company’s software systems.
Systems to be tested______________________________________________________
Testing time frame: From_________________to_______________________
Penetration testing components
Component Business owner Data owner
Vulnerability identification

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