Performance Management and Strategy

Performance Management and Strategy

Chapter 3 discusses various aspects of strategic planning, including the mission statement of the organization. What are the dangers of having a flawed mission statement? How does a flawed statement affect the development of a unit’s mission statement and subsequent individual job descriptions and goals? Why?


* Be sure to support your statements with logic and argument.

* citing any sources referenced and cite inside the text

APA style

Academic writing

6-8 paragraphs including ( introduction – body – conclusion )




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The process of strategic planning in an organization helps a business to measure its performance and make plans that will drive the company to greater heights. Formulation of a strategic plan to boost the performance of a company must start with the company having a vision. The vision is important as the owners must be able to have an idea of what they want to achieve then look at the ways of achieving the goal set (Bantel,1993).

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