Personal Reflection Paper

Personal Reflection Paper

What we know is greatly influenced by those we come into contact with on a regular basis, including family, friends, coworkers, and classmates. Student must interview 4 of these familiar individuals and discuss the media information you found as well as your topic. Ask them about their personal understanding of your topic and use the questions you developed in Step 2 to guide your discussion.

Students will turn in a formal Personal Reflection Paper (3-4 pages) on the Myth section describing what information you were able to obtain through your contact with people you see often. Compare and contrast the information and opinions you gathered, exploring your own thoughts as to how these individuals influence your own beliefs about your topic.






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The first group of people to go through with regard to my personal reflection is my family. My family members have always been very influential and have had a rather huge impact on my life. The current environment is one that has seen them view me in different manners and this is because of the influence of the media. The television has been a major influence on the manner that they view me. According to them, most of the activities that they see young students engaging in are the same activities that I am exposed to.

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