PhD TIM-Formulate A Cloud Energy Efficiency Problem Statement

PhD TIM-Formulate A Cloud Energy Efficiency Problem Statement

  • Chen, F., Grundy, J., Yang, Y., Schneider, J.-G., & He, Q. (2013). Experimental Analysis of Task-based Energy Consumption in Cloud Computing Systems. Proceedings of the 4th ACM/SPEC International Conference on Performance Engineering (pp. 295-306). New York, NY: ACM.
  • Chu, F.S., Chen, K.-C., & Cheng, C.-M. (2011). Toward Green Cloud Computing. Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Ubiquitous Information Management and Communication (p. Article 31). New York, NY: ACM. pp. 1-5

  • Shrimali, B., & Patel, H. (2015). Performance Based Energy Efficient Techniques For VM Allocation in Cloud Environment. Proceedings of the Third International Symposium on Women in Computing and Informatics (pp. 477-486). New York, NY: ACM.


Read and critically analyze the week’s assigned readings related to the challenges and issues that exist within the energy efficiency space. Select a technical challenge, issue, consideration, or other topic from this week’s readings—or from last week’s research—that is an open research question that requires additional research to address. Write a problem paper in which you address the items below.

  • What is the problem that should be addressed with additional research (i.e., what is going wrong?)? Support the existence of the problem with references to recent scholarly literature.
  • What is the impact of the problem? That is, how are the victims (field of study, researchers, practitioners, industry, civilians, etc.) negatively affected by the problem, when is the problem evident, and where does the issue exist or become obvious? Provide an example of the problem in action or as experienced by those affected by it. Support the impact of the problem with references to recent scholarly literature.
  • Why does the problem exist? Discuss the conceptual basis, the nature of the problem, and outline of the problem as defined by the literature. Support underlying cause of the problem with references to recent scholarly literature.

Length: 5-7 pages, not including title page and reference

References: Support your assignment with a minimum of 9 scholarly references




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Cloud computing is emerging as an information communication technology that is expected to impact our lives in the future positively. Cloud computing has gained much popularity in the information technology industry as it is an economical computing paradigm with the capacity to scale computing resources and provide pay-as-you-go business models for consumers(Aschberger & Halbrainer, 2013). Leveraging on cloud computing to scale business operations will be the norm for firms while cutting down expenditure (Wang et al. 2015). However, energy consumption is a big problem that is hampering further evolution on cloud computing. The paper discusses efficient energy consumption as a significant challenge in the cloud environment particularly for the allocation of virtual machines as there is a tradeoff between performance and energy consumption (Shrimali & Patel, 2015). The impact of the problem is discussed including the high costs and carbon footprint that is causing environmental concerns.

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