Philosophy discussion paper about Chinese gym & Churchlands etc

Philosophy discussion paper about Chinese gym & Churchlands etc

Present and explain Searle’s “Chinese gym” argument. Then, explain the Churchlands’ criticism as presented at the end of their article “Can Machines Think?”. Finally, choose a side: Is Searle or the Churchlands right? Defend your choice, being sure to consider at least one objection to your defense.

Spec’s: 6 pages, double-spaced, some normal font, standard margins.

Criteria of evaluation:

Exposition of the views/arguments





•degree to which things are reasoned out

•strength of argument






Solution Preview

Chinese Gym and Churchlands


Artificial intelligence research has evolved over the years. Machines are now able to perform all sorts of functions, some which human beings are capable of doing, and some of which they cant. Searle explains the concept of minds and machines. In the recent years, there have been questions on whether machines can think. A number of researchers believe than machines can think by implementing a computer program. By designing the right programs with the appropriate inputs and outputs, the machines are able to operate as minds. This study will discuss how John Searle differentiate between the questions ,“Can machines think?” and  “can a machine have conscious thoughts in the same sense that human you and I have?”

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