What are the federal regulations regulating the nuclear industry?


Federal Regs that mandate training and planning

The GAO report by Jenkins is right in my wheelhouse. The report describes actions taken by chemical and water critical infrastructures post 9/11, and federal requirements to address vulnerabilities in protecting assets as well as planning coordination among local, state and federal governments. Indeed owners are legally bound to be responsible for the security and safety of their employees and the community, though federal requirements for assessing vulnerabilities and then expending funds on the vulnerabilities is not federally mandated as it is in the nuclear critical infrastructure.

For my industry -water–it is the Bio-Terrorism and Response Act (2002) that requires utilities to provide a risk assessment. The last thing a public water utility wants is bad publicity regarding water safety or security because of a security breach or lack of response during a disaster. The good news is that training for this is universally agreed upon, and FEMA funded training through FEMA Training Institute is accessible to all sizes of utilities, private and publicly owned. (See: FEMA Training Institute.) Though it is the responsibility of the infrastructure utility to ensure its operations are ready to respond to any form of threat or disaster, the federal government recognizes the efficiency of a national standard for disaster response training. Of course, this is NOT how the nuclear facilities operators are trained, that is a different animal.

For example, in Arizona, the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station (PVNGS) is within 50 miles of Phoenix. Federal guidelines “require commercial nuclear power plants to have both onsite and offsite emergency response plans as a condition for obtaining and maintaining a license to operate the plant” (Arizona Department of Emergency & Military Affairs, n.d., para. 3). Emergency planning is a collaborative effort with the military, PVNGS, Arizona Radiation Regulatory Agency, Maricopa County Department of Emergency Management, and other volunteer organizations. Training is conducted frequently and is done in accordance with federal regulations.

What are the federal regulations regulating the nuclear industry?


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What are the federal regulations regulating the nuclear industry


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