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The museum assignment requires that you visit a local museum or gallery and select one work of art from the collection that especially moves or intrigues you. Do some research on the work you selected, the artist and the time period. Discuss the artist and the work according to the research, but, most importantly, why this one particular work out of all the others appealed to you. Include an image of the work selected and a photo of the museum entrance receipt.

Approx. 600 words.

I attached a photo from the getty museum. Were you able to see it ? 🙂
Getty villa – dear Venus



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The Museum Assignment on Getty Villa- ‘Dear Venus’
Getty Villa is a museum located in Los Angeles that showcases work of art with Roman, Greek, and the Etruscan origin. The collection of this artwork covers the period between the Bronze age and the Roman Empire’s end. It includes both marble and bronze sculptures. They include the famous frescoes,

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