In four pages or less, summarize and paraphrase the argument in Phillip Minehan’s book “Anti-Leftist Politics in Modern World History; Avoiding “Socialism” at All Costs” (I will include a pdf of the entire book) about how and why plutocracy emerged in the United States since around 1980, and how neo-fascism emerged here more recently. What might be the strengths and weaknesses of this argument?

-Each essay must have a useful and intelligent title, as well as 12 pt font, pagination, double-spacing, and normal margins.

-As it says in the course syllabus: “grading criteria will include the clarity and quality of all of the following: critical analysis, argument, use of evidence, insight, and writing.” It will be fine to quote from the book here and there, very selectively, but the main thing is to paraphrase it. That’s a very important skill for you to develop

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