Discusse more about the interested organizations

Instructions: i will be representing one of the strategic public relations activity categories which is create a campaign—aimed at developing a systematic set of public relations activities)

the campaign topic is (Women empowerment in U.S political life) to increase the participation of women in political life as a major and effective factor in society. I need it to be like a real campaigne plan with all small details.

i will give an approximate 15-minute report on the status of the PR activity related to the designated Phase system in the course class text. “Phase One” in the textbook deals with minute verbal progress report on the steps of each Phase. General class discussion will accompany each report.)

I have done with first and two phases and remain two.

You are required to do the following:

1-Check the attached phase one + phase two and modified (add or remove some points).

2- prepare an outline for phase 2 (attached an outline file you can follow the criteria of phase one outline).

3- phase 3 has two steps (prepare one page for each step + outline).(Step was supposed to include communication techniques and budgeting)

4- phase 4 has one step (prepare one page + outline).

5- (Prepare One page outline for all 4 phases).

6- Prepare two pages in separate file of some examples of women names in the U.S like Ruth Bader Ginsburg who were involved in political life in leadership positions ( to provide some of the successful examples of women participation) and discusse more about the interested organizations and associations empowering the women in working and participate in political life government ( How it works and what these organizations have done to empower women? ).




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Discusse more about the interested organizations


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