Political science

Political science

Paper instructions

Please see the essay attached and add five more papers to it and complete the outline paper work sheet before.

For this paper, you will compare two migrant groups (same type of migration) across regions by analyzing one policy area:

Entry = admission
Access = rights
Exit = deportation

You will explore this policy area within a framework of three ”calls for action” for one key stakeholder in global migration “management” (i.e. UNHCR / national government of host country etc.) As part of your discussion, you will explain the significance of this key stakeholder and explore why your ”calls for action” adequately addresses current shortcomings in the selected policy area based on your comparison.

Guidelines: 5-7 pages; 12 Font; 1inch margins; double-spaced; varied sources.

one “type” of migration: labor, forced, family, or irregular

two migrant “groups” – same or different: refugees vs. trafficked OR refugees vs. refugees

from the same / different sending country: Syria vs. Libya

to the same / different host country: Germany / Italy

during the same / different period in time: 2015 onward

… within a framework of three ”calls for action” for one key stakeholder in global migration “management”

Comparison of admission policies towards refugees from Syria vs. Libya in Germany from 2015 onward
based on a call for action for the protection of migrant rights in host countries for Members of European



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Migratory Movements

The United States has been historically on the receiving side of large numbers of immigrants from Mexico as they seek for better jobs and living conditions. While the movement has been consistent, the number of immigrants rose tremendously between 1999 and early 2000s due to the impoverished economic conditions in Mexico and lack of a stable government in the same country (Chiquiar and Salcedo 1). International immigration can be defined as the permanent movement and settlement of individuals across international borders and terrestrial boundaries (“Migration”).

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