Porsche Cayenne Case Study

In this assignment, you should apply what you’ve learned about how consumers behave when contributing user-generated content and the impact on those consumers. The Porsche Case shows what happens when consumers post negative content, offering us the opportunity to evaluate how firms can manage both positive and negative types of user-generated content online. Please answer the following questions in your written response. Be sure to clearly denote each question being answered. 1) How much and in what ways has the launch of the Cayenne changed the meaning of the Porsche brand? 2) What is the value of the Rennlist online brand community to Porsche? How does it help and/or hurt the brand? 3) Do you think the comments posted on Rennlist reflect the opinion of an “average” Porsche owner? Why or why not? 4) Should Wiedeking listen to the Rennlist brand community? Why or why not? Should he engage with them? If so, how? Follow the layout, no formatting! I have included the instructions along with the layout for answering these questions. Please look at the rubric and make sure you include thing from lectures and readings. Sources: You can use any other sources, but answers should apply concepts learned in lecture Attached: Details Sources Layout

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