Power Simulation Reflection

Power Simulation Reflection

This will be about an activity we did in class the professor gave us all positions based on our age older students were the supervisors then managers and the younger students were workers and I was a worker who only take orders from the managers and I have no power to other than do what the managers told me to do, please let me know if you need more info. Please write a one to two page reflection on your experience with the exercise. Please consider the following questions:


  • What can we learn about power from this experience?
  • Does it remind us of events seen in other organizations?
  • What did you learn individually?
  • How did you think about what power is?
  • Were you satisfied with the amount of power you had?
  • How did you try to exercise or to gain more power?




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A Reflection on Organization Power Simulation Exercise as a worker

Power is force that influences the action of human resources on material resources in order to achieve a desired end. Power is a political function in an organization. It stems from the perception of those being acted upon by it than those who have the responsibility to wield it. (Zalenzik, 1970)The following is a personal reflection based on this.

Lessons about power from the experience

From the simulation, I learned the following lessons about power. First, power is a political function. Power stems from the desire to be in a position that exerts influence on others.

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