Pre-Writing Activity: Social Media

Pre-Writing Activity: Social Media

For this quick brainstorming journal, please complete the sentences below. You can do so in a Word document and attach it, or you can type into the text box.


I use social media mostly to___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

My go-to social media sites include:______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

I have /have not (select one) seen social justice campaigns on my social media feed.

Some of the campaigns/hashtags that deal with social justice I have seen are:




I have /have not (select one) liked or followed an online social media campaign.

I have /have not (select one) attended an event organized online.


Please do not look these up online. Just write down what you think. There is no wrong answer.

When I hear the word “activism,” I think of___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

When I think of the phrase “social justice,” I think of:__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Only after you have done step 2, look up the words “justice” and “activism,” and “protest” in the dictionary. Write down the definitions you find below:

  • Justice:
  • Activism:
  • Protest:


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Pre-Writing Activity: Social Media

Part 1

  1. I use social media mostly to interact with my online and real life friends. I keep in touch with them through private messaging and commenting on their posts or pictures. Also, I go to social media to check on what is happening in the nation and other parts of the world.
  2. My to-go social media sites include Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and Instagram. These sites are easy to access and use and also do not require strong internet connections to work effectively.

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