Week 4: Jun 18

Topic: Cognitive Development; Attachments and Language Development

Task 4 (step 3) Read Types of Attachments

Please read Language Development and Psychosocial Development and Attachment found in Module 4.

Task: Write 2 paragraphs: Identify the four types of attachments. In your opinion what is a negative and positive consequence of each type? APA format

Lesson (activity 3) Read this link:

Language Development of a Child: 8 Main Factors

Lesson 4: In your opinion, of the 8 main factors that influence language development of a child, which two are the most important to you and why? Explain in 3-4 sentences.

APA format



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Cognitive Development
Secure: this type of attachment is where the child has this confident feeling that needs and wants will be met on time and on a consistency manner. This is mostly provided by the mother, and this first relationship between the mother and the child is the one that kid uses as the blueprint,

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