Optional Extra credit assignment (if you were unable to attend the presentations)

1.     Find a current news article or viral video that you can clearly connect to psychology concepts.

2.     Write a general summary of the article or video (include web address or url) in your first paragraph.  In the subsequent paragraphs, complete # 3 & #4 below.

3.     Identify and Explain the specific psychological concepts/theories or terms that are related to this video or article.

4.     Identify specific examples of those specific psychological concepts/theories or terms that are found within the article or video. 

5.     Your completed product should be at least 1 page in length.


Do not use articles written about a specific psychology topic.  The purpose is for you to find something in the news or a video that you can then connect to psychology using your critical thinking skills.    

Solution Preview

Specific concepts are related to the article. Firstly, norms- these are rules for expected behavior. Secondly, conformity- that is the behavior that is a response to a specific pressure group. Thirdly, divergent thinking…

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