publicly-held hospital chain

publicly-held hospital chain

You are hired as the Director of Operations for a publicly-held hospital chain. You have been asked to evaluate the organization’s strategic planning approach due to changes in recent legislation (Affordable Care Act, HITECH, HIPAA, The Joint Commissions etc.). To gather data for your assignment, identify a publicly-held health care organization of your choice. You may use the Cybrary to search for market information. Prepare a report indicating the following:

1.Identify all stakeholders involved and impacted by the organization.

2.Differentiate internal from external stakeholders and evaluate the relationship between the organizational mission and vision, based on strategic planning components, for each stakeholder group.

3.Evaluate at least three business units or stakeholder groups that should be subjected to further evaluation to support strategic initiatives of the organization, providing your rationale and justification.

4.Analyze the mission and vision statements of the organization from the perspective of each of the identified stakeholders. Assess the organization’s approach to addressing recent healthcare legislation (Affordable Care Act, HITCH, HIPAA, The Joint Commissions, etc.), providing an evaluation of the strategic response commonly employed.

Please note, all papers must be written in APA format, 4-5 pages long excluding cover page and references.This assignment must be submitted in week 9.




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In several healthcare systems, some strategies are deployed to engage the patients and the rest of the stakeholders in making decisions that affect the services offered in the hospitals. Hospitals have to involve several stakeholders in the process of decision making in the organization as this will influence the accountability of the organization effectively. The model of a partner advisory group was not connected as at first created and did not affect the critical primary leadership forms in the included healing centers.

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