Reflection Journal

Reflection Journal

These tax video clips from pwc are short and without much substance. One is at the top of the web page and the second one just requires you to page down a little to find it. Just comment on them along with the Deloitte tax article. One combined reflection journal.
Tax 2 video clips link:…

Deloitte Tax article: see the attachment

Reflection Journal:

A reflection journal assignment due based on both tax pwc clips and Deloitte article. The idea of an article reflection is to write a piece describing your reactions and analysis to them. In general reflections should be about an equivalent of a page but may be more. Some questions you must to think about when writing your reflection are:

What was the main point?
What was the most ambiguous or least understood point?
What did you learn from the article/video?
Of what value is this?
In what ways were the articles/videos similar?
In what ways were the articles/videos different?
What important questions remain unanswered for you?
****Please make sure to write in coherent and analytical written.***




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In the world, today, where there is the increasing amount of data challenge collection and the physical process, makes the tax function to face a lot of pressure to compile with this challenge there the tax system will have little time to focus on the strategic planning. The central theme in  every organization is to have analytics and sound management system,

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