Consider the impact of your behavioral blend/personality.

Consider the impact of your behavioral blend/personality.

Reflection Paper Instructions

The goal of reflective journaling is to interact with new information that is particularly meaningful to you and to identify resources that will be help you enhance your interpersonal communication skills. As you engage in the assigned readings each week, make note of insights and understanding that emerge and that shed light on the particular communication needs, challenges, barriers, weaknesses, strengths, opportunities, etc. that exist in your interpersonal—personal and/or professional—context.

Begin each paper with a specific reference or a quote from the week’s assigned readings. Use this reference to anchor your reflections on a personally meaningful topic in first person while drawing upon and synthesizing a variety of course materials. Compare, contrast, or discuss various views on the topic articulated by different authors. The emphasis should be on self-reflecting, however, not merely summarizing or critiquing what you read. Consider the impact of your behavioral blend/personality. Examine insights about yourself, your communication style, and your relationships from the perspective of a biblical worldview and your faith journey. Note that duplicating or significantly repeating discussion board posts is unacceptable.

Each paper should be between 400 and 500 words long. The content should be engaging, substantive, and interesting. It should be written in a focused and concise manner and be well organized with a logic progression of ideas and transitions that are clear and maintain flow of thought. Submit as a Word document, formatted according to current APA style (double-spaced throughout, first line in each new paragraph indented, but without any extra space before a new paragraph, etc.), free of grammar, spelling, and other writing errors. A title page with a title that summarizes your topic is expected, but an abstract is not needed. Use APA style for both in-text citations and the reference page, while making sure references correspond and are correct.

France & Weikel: chs. 1–2, 7
Stewart: chs. 3–4
Carbonell: Entire Book
Stewart: chs. 1–2
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Consider the impact of your behavioral blend personality.


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