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1. What are some circumstances in which new religious movements might be particularly likely to appear?

2. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Review the following link or if able secure a copy of The NaturalAwakening Magazine. From this material locate any possible “New Religions.”

Present a short study of a “New Religion.” In your response, you must include note/comment on the following elements: (1) its scripture(s), (2) its founder, (3) its rituals, (4) its primary doctrines, (5) the religious tradition from which it emerged, (6) its size, and (7) its primary symbols. Classify the religion as one (or more) of Ellwood/McGraw’s “types” (438-445), and defend your classification with supporting evidence from your research. For this answer: You must reveal an understanding of at least seven of the following words and terms in your response: Modernity/Modern, Postmodernity/Postmodern, Secularization, disenchantment, legitimation, capitalism, “the three revolutions,” die-for-isms, megachurches, the Axial Age, technology, industrialization, science, cosmological, transcendental, Liberalism, Fundamentalism, syncretism, myth, ritual, community, Rational Choice Theory, culture, society, mysterium tremendum et fascinans, neo-cosmological, “usual suspects approach,” religious resurgence.

You may select any group from the following field: (a) The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, (b) Christian Science, (c) Swedenborianism [Church of the New Jerusalem], (d) Seventh-day Adventism, (e) Jehovah’s Witnesses, (f) Seicho-no-le, (g) The Nation of Islam, (h) Scientology, (i) Theosophy, (j) The Church Universal and Triumphant, (k) International Society for Krishna Consciousness (l) Baha’ism. You may study another “New Religion,” but you must have your selection approved by the instructor.

3.Read and respond to the following article: Do Christians, Muslims and Jews worship the same God? DoJewsMusChristbelienve inSame.docxPreview the documentView in a new window

4. Baha’ism has grown to be the sixth largest World Religion. Why? For this answer: You must reveal an understanding of at least seven of the following words and terms in your response: Secularization, disenchantment, legitimation, globalization, sexual orientation, capitalism, “the three revolutions,” the Axial Age, technology, industrialization, consistency, science, the Enlightenment, cosmological, transcendental, gender inequality, Liberalism, Fundamentalism, syncretism, myth, ritual, community





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Various circumstances contribute to the formation of new religious movements that in most cases tend to deviate from their mainstream. These various groups could be referred to as sect and are seen as diminutive groups which separated from main religious groups Christian and hold their own deviant beliefs and practices. The utterance of sect though does not contain the similar meaning globally, and various parts of the world tend to have their relation to the meaning of sect,

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