Research Paper

Research Paper

Read the Case Study – 1 uploaded below and answer the following questions:

Is the patient correct in asserting that he has a right to know the names and status of individuals who will be performing this procedure?
Does the manner in which the student introduced herself and the two other team members have relevance in this case?
Was the informed consent deficient to the degree that there was a lack of informed consent by the patient?
How would you decide this case?
Read the Case Study – 2 uploaded below and answer the following questions:

What do you do at this point?
Do you alert the surgeon that informed consent has not been obtained?
Do you request that the surgeon revisit the patient and reinstruct her about the surgery?
Since the patient has already signed the form, is there anything more you should do?
Now consider the ethical issues that such a scenario raises. Which ethical principles is the husband in this example most portraying? Which ethical principles should guide the nurse in working with this patient and family member?
Read the Case Study – 3 uploaded below and answer the following questions:

You are his primary nurse and must assist in somehow resolving this impasse:

What do you do about the informed consent form?
Who signs and why?
Using the MORAL model, decide the best course of action for Jimmy from an ethical perspective rather than a legal perspective. Did you come to the same conclusion using both an ethical and a legal approach?







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Research Paper
Healthcare institutions outline various rights to their patients to facilitate delivery of care. Each organization has the right to inform individuals of the condition they are suffering from and the procedures involved in treatment. In turn, the patient has a right to accept or even refuse the treatment, and they can go home at any time. Healthcare delivery follows both legal and ethical issues that ensure the patient receives quality healthcare. Privacy is the primary issue revolving around both moral and legal issues in care delivery, and individuals have a right to make healthcare decisions.

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