Research paper on Post traumatic stress

Research paper on Post traumatic stress

Have to find sources of info. No encyclopedias or textbooks. The intro has to be the purpose of research. Then the discussion or body of paper. Has to be in order. Causes, affects, treatments. Next is the summary. Can’t present new info, just summarizing info presented. Can’t use footnotes. Have to use cited references for info borrowed.




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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in the General Population
Approximately 70 percent of the adults in the United States experience post-traumatic stress disorder. The condition qualifies as an anxiety disorder that causes individuals to experience continuous distress over past exposure to traumatic events. The severity of the disease is so severe that symptoms could show up as early as three months from the exposure. Moreover, individuals experience negative emotions ranging from anxiety and fear to sadness and emotional numbness. Some of the symptoms may go away soon after the onset while in some cases symptoms may persist and reduce the ability of an individual to function normally.

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