How were they testing their research question?

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Use what you have learned in the peer review process to complete this assignment

The paper you will be summarizing is Watson-Jones, Whitehouse, & Legare (2016). You can find it in the Week 8 tile of GauchoSpace.


STEP 1: Read the QALMRI sheet. This sheet is a way to determine what the most important parts of the article are. It should guide your reading and writing: you will be asked to state the research question, the methods, results, and inferences. Reading the definitions of these terms will help focus your reading.

STEP 2: Read the article once through without taking notes. Just try to understand what they did. You can highlight key points or sections that you will want to come back to more fully (e.g., where you think some parts of the QALMRI are coming up).

STEP 3: Go back and read the article again, this time, taking more detailed notes about the study, including answers to the following questions, which you will incorporate into your article summary.

1) Q: What was the authors’ main question? Why did the do the study?

2) M: What did the authors do? How were they testing their research question?

3) R: What did the authors find?

4) I: What do those findings mean? How were they helpful for answering the research question?

STEP 4: Write a 300-450 word summary of the article as if you were explaining it to a non-specialist. You should be sure your summary includes all of the points from STEP 3 (Q, M, R, I). Make sure that when answering the questions you are always answering in your own words (no quoting the paper!) and avoiding jargon (e.g., don’t name a complicated procedure or assessment, especially without describing it).


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How were they testing their research question


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