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For my discussion I have decided to look at both structure and brand within the ten types frameworks. Structure falls under the configuration section which must deal with the innermost workings of an enterprise. Brand falls under the experience section which must deal with the customer-facing elements. Right off the bat we can see two major differences between structure and brand. Structure has to deal with the people within the organization while brand has to deal with the people outside of the organization. Although these two different types deal with two different types of people, they still have a huge impact on innovation.

The structure type of innovation deals with the talent and assets that a company has. The structure has to do with “how you organize and align your assets and talents.” (EA Staff, 2021) This deals specifically with the people within the organization. To help deal with the assets a company has they can use competency centers. These centers work to group specialized individuals with people with similar skills. This will allow the group to work together with the same skills to complete tasks in the field that they are experts in. Allowing them to come up with new ideas and innovations for a company. Another way that structure leads to innovation is through creating an incentive system for these employees. This allows a company a way to encourage employees to work towards certain goals. When working on an innovation within an organization, we can see the motivation of employees being changed when there are rewards at the end. A survey done by the Small Business Chronicle shows that 78% of people are more productive after being rewarded. (Hamlin, 2019) Having a rewards system will allow people a reason to work hard to innovate for a company.

Brand type of innovation has to do with the outside people of a company. This is mostly the customers but can also be any outsider looking in. To have brand innovation it is important that the brand is not static. According to EA. Consulting “brands shouldn’t be thought of as something “static” or reductive like a log, but rather as a living, breathing persona that builds character.” (Ea Editor, 2021) For brand type of innovation to work the brand innovations have to improve the reputation of what the company is offering. One way to do this would be to meet certain certifications. If a brand can meet certifications that consumers want to meet, they can see an increase in sales.

Within the organization that I work for there is a ton of innovation happening when it comes to the structure. As talked about previously, structure innovation can include the way people are grouped together and an incentive program. We currently have lots of H2A workers that are grouped based on their skills. This allows them to work together to create new innovations even if the innovation isn’t something we sell. As for our incentive program, we have a profit-sharing program that motivates our employees to complete tasks cost efficiently and to a higher standard. If these standards and costs aren’t met, employees don’t receive profit sharing. Having the opportunity to receive profit sharing allows employees to work harder and be creative in completing tasks. One thing that the company could do better is create new profit models to maximize profits. I feel that there are many people here that have knowledge of other ways to create cash flow such as growing new crops. I feel that the company could look at these new profit models more closely to evaluate the legitimacy of them.

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