review instructions memo

review instructions memo

Choose ONE of the following options and write a message that uses the Six Cs to communicate the purpose to the audience. NOTE: You will need to revise the sentences provided here so that they fulfill the requirements of the Six Cs of Communication! Do not just copy/paste the sentences from here into your message. Some information may not be needed in the final message, something you must decide based on the Six Cs of Communication! Remember to use the You approach and positive emphasis!

Use the appropriate email, memo, or letter format for your message! You must choose which is most appropriate for the purpose and audience. (HINT: Each option requires a different type of medium. One option requires an email, one option requires a memo, and one option requires a letter.)

Option 3

You are the owner of a small company with 10 employees. You need to send a message to all employees to announce a new holiday and a new requirement for managers to report vacation time for employees.

In no particular order, here are the facts:

April 1 is the company founder’s date of birth.
April 1 is now a company holiday.
The company hopes the ultimate outcome of this extra day of released time will be an increase of morale of the entire workforce.
The company has arranged with a travel agency for them to provide vacation opportunities at reduced prices for company employees.
There is available a brochure from the travel agency in the personnel office, which gives a listing of all the tours that are offered.
It is required that all managers submit reports of employee vacation requests and preferences once each quarter.



Solution Preview

I hope you are doing well and fine. As we know one of the major objectives of our company is to treat our employees exemplary as they are the firm’s vital assets. One of the ways of enhancing the wellbeing of our workers entails providing them with time to relax and reenergize. For this reason, the company has introduced a new holidays in its operations, which will be April 1 each year. The reason why the date has been chosen to be a holiday is because it is the company founder’s date of birth.

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