Risk Management

Risk Management

In this Discussion, you consider a scenario in which these questions arise. Based on the scenario, you generate strategies for mitigating potential project risks.

To prepare, consider the following scenario:

You are on the project team for an IT project that must be completed on time to coincide with the opening of a new hospital wing that will rely in part on this technology. You learn that the project manager has been ordering shortcuts on testing to meet the deadline. You can see that these actions keep the project on schedule and the product seems to work well, but you are concerned about the additional risk caused by the shortcuts. Do you intervene?


Post a description of how you would respond to the situation described in the scenario. Identify potential risks to the project if you do or do not take action. Explain strategies you might use to mitigate the risks you identified. Is it ever beneficial to accept or increase risks in order to meet project goals? Justify your response.

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Every project presents a reasonable level of risk. The most important aspect is to ensure that a project achieves its intended goals at a justified cost. Applying risk management strategies in building a project ensures good planning…
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