Role of nurse educator

• Introduce and explain the practical tool or tangible product (e.g., handout based on a specific concept,
tool for professional development, career ladder path, simulation experience, teaching tools or toolbox
that includes a pretest, intervention, post-test) that will be the focus of your project and that integrates
evidence-based teaching and learning principles. This includes a brief rationale for your selected focus
that incorporates references from the literature, specialization standards/competencies, regulatory
standards, and/or other sources you have used to validate this project.
• Goal statement with two-to-three measurable project objectives. A goal statement identifies what you
expect to accomplish, the focus area, and the population. It introduces the project and conveys, in broad
terms, how you plan to use the practical tool or tangible product. Project objectives delineate your
strategy for reaching the goal and the steps you will follow to complete the project. You must include two
or three measurable objectives that use Application-level or higher verbs from Bloom’s Taxonomy. 
• Using evidence-based literature and professional standards/competencies, justify your project. Provide
evidence-based support related to evidence-based teaching and learning principles. (Note: The literature
should be directed toward justifying the project.) You must include a review of your specialization’s
professional-practice standards and guidelines related to your project and a minimum of five (5) scholarly
references for this section of the paper.

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