What was the purpose (research questions, hypothesis) of this research?

I need to address learning module – I chose Peer reviewed scholarly Article: Developing a Suite of Online Learning Modules on the Components of Next-Generation Sequencing Projects is a peer-reviewed scholarly article. Wright, R. A. (2020). Developing a suite of online learning modules on the components of next-generation sequencing projects. Medical Reference Services Quarterly, 39(1), 90–99. https://doi.org/10.1080/02763869.2020.1688623

I need to fulfill three categories shown below and put in white paper form( I can do that part as far as entering and updating form and padlet template) . The padlet template has three categories, here they are:

Annotated Bibliography Blended Learning Online learning

Traditional Learning
Training is organized around in-person meetings with <30% online or computer-based activities
Blended Learning (also called hybrid learning)
Classroom meetings are mixed with 30-70% of the content being online activities
Online Learning
Course material is done primarily online (70-100% )
Make a note if you find an article that addresses more than one modality (i.e., an article which assesses Blended Learning vs. Online Learning).

Each annotated bibliography entry should:

be written in the past tense
properly cite articles according to APA style (APA 6th edition) /Purdue Owl
Annotated bibliography checklist
Looking to provide specific information about the research articles that I will be summarizing. I can use this checklist as a guide shown below when I discuss the research aspects of my empirical articles:

What was the purpose (research questions, hypothesis) of this research?
Who were the subjects/participants?
What were the researchers measuring (variables) and how did the study transpire (methodology)?
What were the results and conclusions of the study?
What do you feel were the strengths and weaknesses of the study? What would you do to improve the study?
How is this study relevant to you or your studies?

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What was the purpose (research questions hypothesis) of this research


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