What is science?

What is science? Who does science?

Style APA
Number of words 1025
Number of sources
Spacing Double
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Based on the first five weeks of this course… What is science? Who does science?

Write an essay response that communicates everything you think is necessary to understand in order to answer completely.

Your answers should:

Be 1000 words total – no more
Be in essay form with full sentences and organized paragraphs
Be sure to name any important authors or theories used in your answer
Rely on course materials ONLY – note which materials you are referencing. Avoid quotation.
Cite materials specifically: (Lecture, date) (Sismondo, pg #) (Author, pg #) (Video title, time)
Sismondo, Sergio. 2010. An Introduction to Science and Technology Studies, second edition. Malden, MA: Wiley-Blackwell.
thats everything, just make sure its from the material. I put the book name.


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What is science

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